Chuck Burger Bar Review, Hatch End

Living in North West London, there is an array of restaurants to my convenience, but I’m always keen to try out new places. Just a 5 minutes drive away the latest restaurant on the very vibrant Hatch End parade is Chuck Burger Bar.

Chuck Burger Bar
Chuck Burger Bar

One way to describe Chuck when you walk in is that it’s a hip, arty, very modern new concept restaurant something you would find in Central London or tucked away in Shoreditch. A quick look on their website (wait its still under-construction) I head to their Facebook page which tells me that they even got a ‘Danish Artist Benjamin McCoy’ to do their art deco which I must say is impressive. The décor at Chuck is great and you can tell it will be a hit with the locals.

Chuck Burger Bar
Inside Chuck Burger Bar
Inside Chucks Burger Bar
Inside Chuck Burger Bar Restaurant
Chuck Burger Bar Artwork
Chuck’s Artwork on wall
Graffiti Artwork
Graffiti Artwork

As soon as you enter Chuck you’re greeted by a staff member, if you’ve booked then your in luck if you haven’t then you will have to wait. If you are happy to wait you can always start your evening at the bar. The bar menu has a good cocktail selection, wines, shots, the usual spirits and beer by bottles, so you definitely wont be going thirsty.

After looking through the cocktail menu I wasn’t too sure what to go for so as you do I asked the bar attendant for his opinion I finally decided to opt for the Lychee Martini. I took my first sip, it was pretty disappointing, I was even told by the bar attendant that he didn’t liquidise the lychee enough…seriously that is not what I want to hear, if he offered me another drink on the house that would have given him some brownie points. So after gulping down my gritty Martini we ordered a bottle of Rose instead.

By this time our table was ready, we were greeted by our waitress for the night and were given menus. We had 7 in our party which also included a 7 year old child; there were no issues for bringing children along as they also provide a kids menu, they even had a kid’s party running that Saturday night, which is great but they were sat right opposite the bar, not an ideal place for children.

Soon as we sat down we dived straight into the menu and ordered our starters: Chucks Buffalo Wings, Taco Bean Salad, Beets & Curd Salad, chips and dips with the prices ranging from £4 to £8.50. Mains of course are burgers, in our party the majority went for the Dolly Burger which are lamb burgers topped with cheese, lettuce, onion and pickles. I opted for the Buffalo Chicken Burger which was topped with cheese and buffalo wing sauce, the burger prices range from £7.50 to £9.50 and although the starters and mains were delicious they don’t come with any sides so we ordered a couple of French Fries and Cheesy Fries with prices ranging from £3 to £5. From the kids menu a Jacket Potato was ordered served with Cheese and Beans, this didn’t go down to well.

Chucks Chips N Dips
Tortilla Chips and Dips
Dolly Burger with Cheesy Loaded Fries
Dolly Burger with Cheesy Loaded Fries
Chuck's Dolly Burger
The Lamb Dolly Burger

By now we were all pretty full, but we couldn’t leave without checking out the desserts, with prices ranging from £4.50 to £6.50. We opted for a couple of the Dirty Eton Mess’s (served with warm chocolate) ideal for sharing, and I have to say it was lush, it’s also served in a jar:

Eton Mess Dessert
Chuck’s Eton’s Mess

Being a newbie to the seen there are areas of improvement, but I was very impressed with the menu and décor the only downside would be the prices but hey what’s cheap these days! Having something like Chuck Burger Bar in our neighbourhood is a nice welcome something different from the norm and I will definitely be visiting again.

Update: The Chuck Burger Bar website is now working.

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