Bubbledogs & Champagne Bar Review, Fitzovia

With an interesting name like Bubbledogs, no wonder I had to go check out what the fuss was about. So after heading to Charlotte Street after work, a huge queue had already been formed and it was only 6pm. Still unsure why people would want to queue, we joined in and waited, and boy did we wait…

2 hours later (yes 2 hours!) we were so excited that we finally got in, it felt like an accomplishment and we succeeded woo! We were give a small table by the bar, by this time we didn’t care where we were sat, we just wanted food!

Looking around the venue the décor is funky, restaurant is small, but cosy and the setting is intimate which makes it a great date venue. The extensive champagne menu is good, the further down the menu you see the prices change, we opted for the cheapest bottle at £32 which was shared amongst the 3 of us and we managed to get two full glasses each. Next it’s deciding on what dogs we want. You get the option of pork, beef or veggie with lots of toppings to choose from:

Bubbledogs Menu Board
Bubbledogs Menu Board

I opted for a veggie dog with the Jose topping which consisted of salsa, avocado, sour cream and pickled jalepenos, the dog’s prices range form £6 to £8 depending on topping. There is a choice of 3 sides (ranging from £2.50-£3.50), we opted for the Tots (potato croquets) and Sweet Potato Fries. On arrival of our food, from the first to last bite they were absolutely delicious, and the champagne just complimented the dogs. It’s a strange combination but one that works.

Bubbledogs Food
Hot dogs, Sides & Champagne

Not sure if I would want to queue for 2 hours, but I would love to go again, it’s a great concept and the taste of the dogs makes it worth a visit. The wash rooms are groovy too…

Bubbledogs Washroom
Bubbledogs Washroom

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