Chipotle Mexican Grill Review, Baker Street

I’ll never pass up the opportunity if someone said ‘let’s go grab a burrito’. And that’s exactly what we did and headed to Chipotle on Baker Street. During a mid-week trip we were lucky the queue wasn’t out the door, which it is at times.

We waited in line and not sure about anyone else but myself and my colleague always decide on one thing and end up ordering something else, even though the options are small, it’s more in deciding what to get: a Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Crispy Tacos, Soft Tacos or the Salad, ah decisions…decisions.

Having tried the burritos many times, they are great but huge for my stomach to digest, so this time we both opted for the tacos, I went for the chicken filling of crispy tacos and my colleague had the chicken filling of soft tacos (£6.79). Both served with a salsa of choice: mild, medium or hot, with cheese, sour cream, pinto beans or black beans and romaine lettuce. There is additional charge for Guacamole. Once in line to make your order the workers are very quick and sometimes it’s difficult to understand what they are saying due to the speed.

The setting of the restaurant is high tables, high stools and you sit where you want. They do provide you with sauces and I always opt for the Smoked Pepper Tabasco sauce, its lush especially dipped with some tortilla chips. You’d think 3 tacos are just not enough, but there were although if you do have a bigger appetite I’d recommend you go for the burrito. So the verdict on the tacos: tasty, a happy stomach makes a happy me!

Chipotle Crispy Tacos
Crispy Tacos
Chipotle Soft Tacos
Soft Tacos

Chipotle is pricey, but definitely worth indulging in once in a while. It’s quick, convenient and very tasty; I’d highly recommend you go check it out.


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