Selfridges Food Hall Review, London

A recent trip to Selfridges Food Hall was all so very exciting. Being a huge fan of handbags I try and visit Selfridges whenever I can, but this time I explored a bit further down to the food hall. When entering the food hall you are greeted with a buzzy atmosphere, lots of people, mainly tourists admiring all the options. One of the best parts was the ‘Foods of America’ isle, where you can stock up on favourite American goods.

Foods of America
Foods of America
Foods of America
Foods of America

Inside the food hall you also have the famous Lola’s Cupcakes and Pinkberry. Lots of other chains including: Eat, Krispy Kreme, Oddono’s Gelati, Yo Sushi and Chop’d, they also have plenty of little delicatessen counters too.

Lola's Cupcakes
Lola’s Cupcakes
Deli Counter
Deli Counter

Lastly before I headed home I came across this Champagne & Oyster Bar, oh so very posh…

Champagne and Oyster Bar
Champagne & Oyster Bar

I love visiting places like this, it’s like entering a different world, go and have a wonder next time you visit Selfridges.

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