Twotwentytwo Restaurant Review at The Landmark

My lovely colleagues at work gave me a lovely surprise for my birthday this year; lunch at the TwoTwentyTwo Bar and Restaurant at The Landmark Hotel in Marylebone.

twotwentytwo Restaurant
twotwentytwo Restaurant

As soon as we pulled the curtains back on entering Twotwentytwo, it was the wow factor, the décor of the restaurant included wood panelling’s, leather sofa’s, crystal chandeliers a lovely fireplace and a unique horse with a lampshade.

Inside the twotwentytwo restaurant
Inside the twotwentytwo restaurant

From the moment we stepped in till we left we were treated with a 5 star service, from the table setting to the dedicated waiter, you couldn’t fault it. Once we were seated we were handed over the menus. After a slight glimpse at the prices we already knew that this would be a one off visit.

We ordered our drinks, but unfortunately the waiter (who seemed new) got a few of the drink orders wrong, these were replaced accordingly without a fuss. For lunch I ordered the Crab Spaghetti with Chilli, Parsley and Lemon Oil (£19), majority of the group opted for the hand-made Angus Beef Burgers served with Chips (£17) and the vegetarian in the group selected the Vegetarian Club Sandwich with Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato, Avocado and Basil.

Lunch at the twotwentytwo restaurant
Crab Spaghetti, Angus Beef Burger & Vegetarian Club Sandwich

The meals didn’t take too long to arrive, they were all presented well and the portions were huge. The Crab spaghetti was tasty, but it was slightly dry even after putting extra oil. The burgers I was told all tasted delicious and were cooked just how each person preferred them and the vegetarian club sandwich which was huge was tasty.

Once we finished the staff surprised me with two little deserts and a chocolate sauce writing on the plate saying ‘Happy Birthday’. This was a lovely gesture and a first time anyone has done that for me, I was chuffed. Both the desserts had a unique taste, very rich, but a nice ending to a lovely lunch.

222-Happy Birthday Dessert
twotwenytwo Happy Birthday Dessert

Twentytwotwenty is a great restaurant, the atmosphere; décor and staff were very friendly. The only negative would be the prices, but you are paying for the name and 5 star service. It would make a great date venue, a posh dinner or lunch with friends, family, colleagues or even a great place to take clients; it is impressive. Special thanks to my colleagues for an awesome treat.


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