Yi Ban Chinese Restaurant Review, Eastcote

I absolutely love Chinese food, so Yi Ban in Eastcote was the perfect birthday dinner with siblings. From the moment we stepped through the door till we left the staff were lovely and greeted us well. Although the restaurant was empty when we arrived around 7pm, it did start to get busy around 8ish.

The lovely waitress showed us to the table and gave us our menus, she even asked if there were any vegetarians in the party (we had one) and they were given a separate vegetarian menu, this was great.

Over looking the restaurant it is very spacious, red lanterns at the wooden bar, oriental picture frames on the walls and the staff wear a red oriental print uniform.

Inside Yi Ban's Restaurant
Inside Yi Ban’s Restaurant

We started off with a bottle of Rose, some beers and were given prawn crackers to nibble on until we placed our orders. For starters we had the Hot & Spicy King Prawns cooked with garlic, peppercorn salt & chilli (£5.90), Satay Chicken on skewers served with spicy crunchy peanut sauce (£5.80), Hot & Spicy Chicken Wing (£5.80), Crispy Seaweed (£4.80), Crispy mini Vegetable Spring Rolls (£3.80) and Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings (£4.90). We also selected the Pak Choi in Garlic & Oyster Sauce (£5.80) for a starter.

Yi Ban's Starters
Yi Ban’s Starters

All the starters were to die for, lots of flavours and just the right amount of spice. For the second course we had a quarter (£9.00) Crispy and Aromatic Duck served with fresh spring onion, cucumber, hoi sin sauce and pancakes, this served 6 of us nicely.

Crispy and Aromatic Duck
Crispy and Aromatic Duck

By this we were full, but you can’t leave without having mains can you? So we selected the Fried mixed Vegetable Noodles and another noodle dish with Chicken, Bean Sprouts and Spring Onions (£5.30). For something saucy we had the sautéed Chicken with Vegetables in Chilli Sauce (£6.80) and to accompany it Egg Fried Rice (£3.20) of course.

Yi Ban's Mains
Yi Ban’s Mains

OK so one word to describe it all: DELISH! And as they state on their website: “Yi Ban is a cultural experience – a balance between outstanding Sichuan, Peking & Thai cuisine and contemporary design.”  I totally agree. Yi Ban is now one of my favourite Chinese restaurants, from the staff, service to the food it was high quality. Book yourself a table and enjoy the culinary delights Yi Ban have to offer.


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  1. Tina says:

    The WORSt restaurant ever the staff are so rude! I refused to pay the service charge! And the manager told me “you are never welcome here!” I come from a professional background so I said politely I would like to pay the bill without the service charge please! They said you have to pay service charge! I was like it’s not legal to pay the charge! We didn’t pay the charge but they were very rude about it! The manager was so rude! Never go there again .. Well he told me not to come back! Over priced! The dumplings we ordered they were bought from a local Chinese supermarket ! We bought them ourself! Terrible

    1. deeliciously says:

      Really unfortunate to hear that, I went back 2 weeks ago and again outstanding food & service with a smile! You should contact the management

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