Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) Review, Baker Street

After seeing an online deal for lunch at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, we couldn’t resist so we put on our skates (not literally) and headed towards Baker Street for some burgers and chips.

The lunch menu is available Monday-Friday 12-5pm starting from £5.95 with includes a choice of Burger and Side from the selection. These include a classic beef, cheese, classic chicken or veggie burger and for the sides a choice of small skinny or chunky, coleslaw or a green salad. The main menu is also great at GBK so if you’re not keen on the lunch menu then there are other choices.

The restaurant is modern, with wooden chairs and a sit where you like policy, but you order and pay at the till. What I loved was that for no cost you get monkey peanuts which make a great starter whilst you wait for your food.

GBK Monkey Peanuts
GBK Monkey Peanuts

You don’t even have to ask for tap water either these are provided in a funky jar with fresh lemons and limes; therefore we didn’t bother buying extra drinks.

GBK Water Jug
GBK Water Jug

My chosen meal was the GBK Veggie burger (£6.95) a home-made bean pattie with chilli, salad mayonnaise and relish and a side order of small skinny fries. My colleague opted for the Cheese burger with beef, salad mayonnaise and relish with a choice of aged cheddar, blue or American cheese with a side order of skinny fries for £6.95 (unfortunately I didn’t take a picture)

GBK Veggie Burger and Small Fries
GBK Veggie Burger and Small Fries

After taking a huge bite into the burger, I wanted more, it was delish! The bean pattie with the combination of the relish was yummy and the size of the burger was just right for me, but if you’re after something more filling I’d go for one of the large burgers that they have on offer in the main menu. The skinny fries were lovely and what made them even taster was the option to put on the powdered GBK Hei Hei salt, which is normal salt with added seasoning, not sure what seasoning they used but tasted like peri peri.

GBK Hei Hei Salt
GBK Hei Hei Salt

Gourmet Burger Kitchen makes a great lunch especially with the deal, but not anything I would rave on about unlike the burgers at the Chuck Burger Bar, in Hatch End. I’m sure they are plenty of other better burger places out there which I still need to try.

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