Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar Restaurant Review, Wembley

December, the month where Christmas parties take place and where we over indulge in food. With that in mind we headed to Jimmy’s World Grill & Bar at the London Designer Outlet in Wembley for the family businesses Christmas treat.

On entering Jimmy’s World its spacious, with a lively atmosphere, lots of table’s available and the best part is the concept of food from around the world. Once we were shown to our table the drinks order was taken, before we let loose into the ‘all you can eat’ buffet style restaurant.

Inside Jimmy's World Wembley
Inside Jimmy’s World
Jimmy's World Dining area
Restaurant Area
Jimmy's World Bar

The foods from around the world consisted of Indian, Chinese, Italian and Mexican cuisine, with a selection of salads and of course a dessert counter.  Prices vary depending on the day you go, we were given a deal as it was a corporate Christmas party.

Italian and Mexican stations
Italian and Mexican stations
Jimmy's Salad Bar
Salad Bar
Jimmy's Chinese Kitchen
Chinese Kitchen
Pizza Stand
Pizza Stand
Jimmy's Food Counters
Food Counters
Jimmy's Indian Buffet
Indian Buffet
Jimmy's Indian Chef
Indian Chef
Jimmy's Indian Chaat
Indian Chaat
Jimmy's Chinese Buffet
Chinese Buffet

One of the best things about Jimmy’s World is the live cooking stations; this is where you can watch chefs prepare the different types of food.  Although the concept is great, you are spoilt for choice, first of, I opted for my favourite dish from South India called ‘Masala Dosa’, an Indian savoury pancake filled with a spicy potato filling, served with warm dhal and coconut chutney.

Masala Dosa Stand
Masala Dosa Stand
Jimmy's Masala Dosa
Masala Dosa

There was queue by the live Chinese cuisine stand, so to see what the fuss was about I decided to join in. You are given a choice of noodles to pick from which you can mix it with meat, seafood or vegetables, the choice is yours.

Chinese Cuisine Live Station
Chinese Cuisine Live Station
Jimmy's Buffet Food
Buffet Food

Once you have completed your food journey, there is a dessert station, with a range of mini puddings including cheesecakes, churos, and a live station for fresh waffles and crepes made right in front of you. But the best part was the ice-cream counter, where you can pick and mix any toppings which included sweets, chocolate chips, and sauces; this seemed popular with kids and adults alike.

Ice-Cream Counter
Ice-Cream Counter
Jimmy's Crepes
Crepes with Ice-cream
Jimmy's Ice-cream
Ice-cream with Strawberry Sauce

Jimmy’s is a great place to go which large groups of people who can never agree on a type of cuisine they prefer. Personally I’d rather go to restaurants for a particular cuisine, but Jimmy does cater to everyone’s tastes, and is a fab for vegetarians as you are able to customise your meals, it’s reasonably priced and you do get value for money.


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