Cocochan Restaurant Review, London

Having recently met someone, we decided on celebrating Valentine’s Day at Cocochan. I’ve seen Valentines as a cheesy event, and an overpriced on too, but as we both hadn’t celebrated it in years we thought it would be nice to go along with the gimmick.

I picked Cocochan as I knew my other half enjoys pan Asian food and St Christopher’s Place where the restaurant is, tucked away in Bond Street so it made a perfect choice. The venue was fully booked but I placed a booking in advance, and even had a courtesy call if we would still be attending and if yes that there would be a 2 hour wait time on table, which I had no complaints about.

Once we arrived we were greeted by a waitress and shown to our table, which are closely joined with others, so if you want space then I would suggest you go elsewhere.  The interior is trendy, dimly lit and very cosy.

What I loved about Cocochan’s menu is the many dishes from different cuisines that you can pick from. “Our a la carte menu offers nibbles from Dim Sum & Sushi to classic dishes drawn from Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korea and Thai cuisines, as well as more unique delicacies. Enjoy the whole South Asian Cuisine at one setting.”

For starters, we ordered a variety of dishes ranging from, King Prawn Spring Rolls, Coriander & White Sesame (£7.00), and “Monks” vegetable Dumplings (£5.00), Crispy Salt & Pepper prawns, chilli garlic (£7.00) and Tiger Prawn Tempura with a Spicy Mayo dip (£9).

Cocochan Starters
Cocochan Starters

For mains I opted for the Vegetable Thai Green Curry (£13) with Jasmine Rice (£3.50) and my other half selected the Chargrilled lamb cutlets with Kimchee Cabbage (£17.00).

Vegetable Thai Green Curry
Vegetable Thai Green Curry
Jasmine Rice
Jasmine Rice
Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets
Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets

We were impressed by the quality of food and taste, we both adored the king prawn spring rolls, they were divine. Cocochan is a lovely restaurant, great location and ambience, good service and although slightly pricey the quality of food does make up for it.

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    Ooohh love is on the air! !!

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