Twist Dessert Lounge Review, North Harrow

After a lovely meal at the Royal China restaurant and carrying on with our date night from a musical event, myself and my other half decided to go grab some dessert locally and ended up at Twist Dessert Lounge in North Harrow, before catching a film at the cinema.

Twist Desset Lounge
Twist Dessert Lounge

Having only ever been to Indulge for dessert, Twist has a lot to live up to and we were lucky that there were no queues so got seated straight away.  The dessert lounge has a few tables, with a a cafe feel to it, but modern. I loved the display counter showcasing different types of yummy desserts, making it harder to make a decision.

Inside Twiist
Inside Twist

Twist’s menu is great with a good selection, ranging from ice-creams, crepes, waffles, milkshakes, cakes, churro’s and more. But after debating between a sundae and churro, I decided on the Ferraro Rocher churro with fresh strawberries, and my other half selected crepes with chocolate ice-cream and sauce.

Crepe with Chocolate
Crepe with Chocolate
Ferrero Rocher Churro
Ferrero Rocher Churro

My boyfriend’s dessert had arrived before mine which wasn’t ideal, but either way they were both tasty.  Overall the service and desserts were good, but I must say Indulge Dessert Lounge in Pinner is by far the winner; they win the taste competition hands down.


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