Ed’s Easy Diner Restaurant Review, Watford

Whilst our shopping at the Harlequin Centre in Watford we all got the hunger pangs and decided to try out Ed’s Easy Diner which is located inside the shopping centre.

Ed's Easy Diner
Ed’s Easy Diner

There was a slight queue, but only a short wait which was great. The restaurant is very retro, with a 60 and 70’s diner feel to it, very much like the movie Grease.  The kitchen is in display and the red booths with its own mini jukebox were a nice welcome. You can select a song from the jukebox on your table and it will be played in the main restaurant, so for just 20p we chose the Beach Boys Surfin USA.

Inside Ed's Easy Diner
Inside Ed’s Easy Diner
Ed's Easy Diner Kitcken
Ed’s Easy Diner Kitcken
Mini Jukebox
Mini Jukebox

The menu at Es’s Easy Diner is good it has a range of burgers, including vegetarian options, milkshakes, a variety of sides and a kids menu.  After deliberating my sister selected the Chicken Classic Burger with lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato and BBQ sauce £6.45, and an Ice-Cream Coke float (£3.30)

Chicken Classic Burger
Chicken Classic Burger
Coke Float
Coke Float

I opted for the Chicken Dippers, breast goujons served with a jalapeno jelly dipping sauce and BBQ sauce; I also chose the Ed’s plate option which meant it was accompanied with fries, onion rings and coleslaw (£12.35).

Ed’s Plate Chicken Dippers
Ed’s Plate Chicken Dippers

From the kids menu, my nephew selected the Chicken Tenders, which are crispy chicken fillets served with fries (£4.45).

Kids Meal Chicken Tenders & Fries
Kids Meal Chicken Tenders & Fries

Although the food arrived in good time it wasn’t that appetising. The chicken dippers and tenders looked and also tasted like something you could just buy from Iceland and put them in the oven, the burger was bland, but we did all agree that the Coke float was the best part.

Although service and interior of the restaurant is fab, and for not having many eateries in the shopping centre you’d be better off bringing a packed lunch. I wouldn’t eat at Ed’s Easy Diner again in a hurry but loved this quote:

Ed's Easy Diner Quote
Ed’s Easy Diner Quote

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