Le Jules Verne Restaurant Review, Paris

In August I was whisked away to Paris for a surprise marriage proposal, of course I said YES!! The day was amazing, filled with memorable memories.

Having no clue where and what I would be doing in Paris, my fiance planned the whole day out himself and our first stop was the Eiffel Tower, where he had made a lunch reservation at the Le Jules Verne Michelin star restaurant located on the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower.

Le Jules Verne Restaurant-Paris
Le Jules Verne Restaurant

When entering the entrance, we were greeted by the doorman where we had to wait for the private lift to take us up to the restaurant floor which is 125m above ground level; the lift journey had great views of Paris.

On entering Jules Verne we were greeted by friendly waitress and where then taken to our table by our waiter for the duration. By this time the restaurant wasn’t very busy, but still a great atmosphere. I must say we had one of the best seats in the restaurant. The views were magnificent, and I think we were both silence for a couple of minutes taking in the landmarks. It was very surreal at this point, but oh so lovely.

View From Jules Verne Restaurant in Paris
View From Jules Verne Restaurant

By this time were given our menus, we started off with some champagne (it was lush) to celebrate the day ahead and then decide on the 3 course lunch menu. Selections of bread were handed to us with butter before the starter arrived.

Drinks at Jules Verne Paris
Drinks with a View

The first dish was the Amuse Bouche, this was a cold cucumber jelly with croutons and cream cheese, it was very refreshing.

Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche

This was followed by our starter which was a Smoked Salmon Tartare, which was delicious and very light.

Smoked Salmon Tartare
Smoked Salmon Tartare

The main dish was chicken, served with tomatoes and onions. On arrival the presentation was super and it tasted even better. The chicken was nice and tender and the flavours from the tomatoes complemented it well.

Chicken Dish
Chicken Dish

At the point we were both satisfied, but then the dessert arrived, and boy did it look good! We had the Tower Bolt, which consisted of dark chocolate served with praline and hazelnut ice-cream accompanied with macaroons, marshmallows and truffles! It was very rich but lush; it was a shame that we couldn’t finish it.

Jules Verne Tower Bolt dessert
Tower Bolt
Macaroons, marshmallows and truffles
Macaroons, marshmallows and truffles

The three course meal unfortunately came to an end, but it’s one of the best dining experiences I have experienced in my life, the view, the food and of course the company was all fabulous. I would highly recommend Le Jules Verne for a special treat, just like how my fiance treated me, it was a very special time.

Jukes Verne Restaurant Table View
Us at our table

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