Neals Yard Cafe Juice Bar Review- Fulham

After a wedding weekend, the morning after is always the hardest so we headed out to find a cafe of some sort in South West London area of Hammersmith and Fulham to get a full English brekkie.

Neal's Yard Cafe Juice Bar
Neal’s Yard Cafe Juice Bar

After walking along Chesson Road everything on a Sunday seemed to be shut and this was around 9:30am, but suddenly we saw a very bright, pink and purple cafe with an open door…yay! As soon as we entered the first question we asked was “do you serve a full English”…after hearing the word “yes” all 12 of us were seated. The cafe is small, but very neat and clean with wooden tables and chairs and fresh flowers on all tables.

Inside Neal's Yard Juice Bar
Inside Neal’s Yard Juice Bar
Inside Neal's Yard
Inside Neal’s Yard

Menu option for breakfast was good, with a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, with tea or coffee included. We stared of by ordering some fresh orange juice, these were good but not as sweet as I would like. In our group we all decided on either an omelette with cheese and vegetables, or either a non-veg or veg full English.

For breakfast the full non-vegetarian breakfast included: pork sausages, bacon, two toasts, two eggs, mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes.

Non-Vegetarian Full English
Non-Vegetarian Full English

The omelette depending on the filling chosen was also served with toast and tomatoes.


And the vegetarian breakfast, which I opted for included: toast, an egg, mushrooms, baked beans, grilled tomato, fried cassava and a pork sausage, yes a pork sausage which I though was strange and we did complain as we did have a pure vegetarian member dining with us, we just ended up taking them out.

Vegetarian Full English
Vegetarian Full English

The breakfast did take ages to arrive, as there were only two members of staff.  The breakfast was ok, pretty average to be honest, it didn’t really blow us away, either way we were all hungry and it was edible, and would fill up until lunch. As a nice gesture they did give us a sweet pastry after our meal, but doubt I’d ever go again.

Sweet Pastries
Sweet Pastries

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